Why Join a Club

David raising the mast for the first time.

After purchasing our sailboat we realized we didn’t even know how to raise the sails. The first thing we thought of was to do an internet search for sailing clubs nearby. Rockford Yacht  Club was the closest. The instructor that answered the phone also happened to owned the same MacGregor 26D we did.


We quickly hired the instructor to take us out for a weekend of training. It was an amazing weekend. He showed us everything there was to know about sailing a MacGregor 26D.

Living 2 hours from any lake large enough to sail on created a real problem for us. We found Clinton Lake Sailing Association located 2 hours south of us. Clinton Lake Sailing Association is situated on Clinton Lake, about a half hour outside Bloomington, Illinois. CLSA not only offers classes, races, and social events but it also has a dock and facilities for members to use.

In addition to the classes you can take at a club, the friendships and advice you will get are priceless. Therefore, it is extremely important and helpful for new sailors to find a club and join.

Do you already belong to a club? I would love to add their website and information. Send us an email with your club info. We will do the rest to help get the word out.

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