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We want to share the places where we enjoy sailing.  Since we have only owned Seabreeze for  a few years, we haven’t sailed to as many places as some cruisers.  We plan to remedy that as soon as possible.

We actually wanted to get our feet wet and learn how to handle, reef and sail in high winds before heading out to more difficult places such as the ocean or Great Lakes.  Next year we will be going to Door County and sailing around Lake Superior.

Lake Clinton

This is a Lake in east central Illinois located in DeWitt Illinois.   This is approximately 15-20 minutes from Bloomington Illinois.

Clinton Lake is actually a 4,900 acre cooling lake for the Clinton Nuclear Plant, so the water remains warm.

There are many coves where you can anchor out for the night.  There is also a marina you can rent a slip by the night.  We enjoy the quiet of anchoring out.  You are sure to wake up and find nature all around you.

You can launch your boat at the marina for a $5.00 charge. This fee includes your parking  for the day.

Lake Clinton is the home of Clinton Lake Sailing Association.  CLSA is a sailing club with facilities that their members can use.  This includes bathrooms, a pavilion, a grilling area, picnic tables and a dock you can launch from for free.

They also offer classes and social events for adults and children.  The fact that they offer parent/child sailing classes makes my day.  Encouraging kids to get out in nature is a passion of mine.   Check them out.

One more important thing:   Boondocks

There is a restaurant in the park called Boondocks,  you can’t miss this one.  Check out their Facebook page.

We go there for breakfast.  They give you so much food.   I have yet to finish my whole breakfast.  The bill for the two of us is always less than $15.00.  When you order two eggs, you get two real eggs not powdered or liquid egg whites.

For me, the best part is that you can sail right up to the dock and get out for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Lake Mendota

Lake Mendota is a 9781 acre lake located in Dane County. It has a maximum depth of 83 feet.

You an launch in Madison at Marshall Park. However you will need a lake access permit.  For non-residents it is $8.00 a day or $47.00 a year.  You can launch and park there after buying your pass.  The bathrooms are clean and the launches are easy access.

You can anchor out, but I love to dock at Mendota County Park.  They have boat camping.  It cost $27.00 a night to boat camp or traditional camp.  You will have electric to charge your batteries, showers, swimming, bathrooms and a pavilion to cook in.  You will also be within walking distance from stores and restaurants. One really cool thing, Dominoes delivers pizza to the docks.

Another plus is that you can take a canoe or kayak.  They have a rack you can use on a first come basis.  You need to supply your own lock to secure it. We pull the canoe behind the sailboat from the launch dock to the park where we camp.  Then Dave can go out fishing.  Don’t forget your fishing license.  It is $24.00 for a 4 day license if you are not a resident of Wisconsin.

When we go we take a canoe and our bikes.  There are great nature preserves a few blocks from the park.  We tie our bikes up to the canoe rack.  This way we can sail, canoe and bike.








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