Websites and Blogs That May Help

Look for  more websites in the future.  We will only post sites and blogs that have help us.  There is no relationship or connection to these sites other than I enjoy reading them.  Our opinion is never for sale.

Informational Websites

Active Captain       This is a must have website for sailing.  Tells you what the harbors charge and where they are.  It has great reviews of the harbors and other sites in the area you are visiting.   Tells you if they have fuel, showers, electric and more.

Marine Traffic     Provides the most comprehensive maritime database to more than 6 million users monthly.
• 800 million vessel positions recorded monthly
• 18 million vessel and port related events recorded monthly
• Details of over 650 thousand marine assets available (vessels, ports, lights)

Nauticed               You can build your sailing resume for free.  They also offer classes.   Really neat site to just check out. They offer two sailing classes for free.

Doyle Guides               Sailing guides for cruisers.  They describe problem you may encounter and things not to miss in the area you are sailing.

NOAA Booklet Charts       You can print out binder size charts. I printed them out, laminated them and then put them in a binder.

Water Proof NOAA Charts         You can order waterproof regular sized charts for any area.  We took these and rolled them up placing them in a PVC pipe with a cap on it.  This keeps them out of the way and dry.

Blogs and Websites About Sailing

The Pardey Site          Lin and Larry Pardey  are among America’s
(and the world’s) most knowledgeable and recognized cruising sailors. They are known as “America’s first couple of cruising.” Together, Lin and Larry have sailed over 200,000 miles, including two circumnavigations east to west and west to east aboard self-built, wooden, engine-free cutters under 30 feet. Author of a dozen books, countless magazine articles, and co-creators of five cruising documentaries.  Lin and Larry have shared their sailing experiences with tens of thousands around the globe prompting many to take up the sport and live the dream of the cruising lifestyle. Their motto has always been, Go simple, go small, go now!

Sailing Britican         This is a family boat.  They sold up and sailed away in 2013.  Captain Simon is British.  First Mate, Kim is American and their daughter Sienna is both- thus the name Britican. Thus far they’ve circumnavigated the Mediterranean, crossed the Atlantic, sailed up the Caribbean and along the east cost of America sailing over 20,000 nautical miles.  They create videos and write articles with the hopes of entertaining, educating, inspiring and connecting with other sailors. They also sell a wide range of guides helping new sailors with the boat buying, owning, maintaining and sailing process. Visit Sailing Britican to find out where they are, what they’re fixing and how they can best help you to achieve your sailing goals.

Wind Traveler          From land to sea to three under three’ is a fairly accurate summary of Wind Traveler. Brittany and Scott set sail in 2010 down the east coast of the US to the Bahamas and to the Carribean before falling pregnant with their first daughter. They quickly upgraded and purchased a 1988 Brewer 44′ sailboat – and just in time, too; shortly after having their first daughter, they discovered they were pregnant again, this time with twins! They are currently cruising the US and British Virgin Islands where they plan to remain for the rest of the season. They post great photos and interesting articles full of insights into sailing full-time as a young family.

Zero to Cruising      is definitely one of the most popular sailing blogs to date. Mike and Rebecca started their sailing adventure in 2008 with ‘zero’ sailing experience. They left Ontario in 2010 and, since then, they’ve documented every trip sailing their magnificent catamaran around the Caribbean. They post tons of great advice, beautiful pictures and stories on almost a daily basis. Mike says, “Unlike many others, Rebecca and I have no 4-year plan to circumnavigate the globe and then move on to the next big thing (we think such a plan is very cool, it’s just not what we’re up for).” For now, they’re just relaxing and enjoying the incredible journey of the sailing life.

Cruising and Sailors forum         A place to get your “how do you?” questions answered.  Membership is totally free.

Sailing Calypso   is the blog of best-selling sailing writers and self-confessed sea gypsies Rick Page and Jasna Tuta.  Like their book (Get Real, Get Gone) it is a mix of practical and philosophical advice to get those on small budgets out sailing safely, happily and as soon as possible.

IPhone and IPad Apps

You will download these to your phone via the Apple Store

DragQueen is a simple anchor alarm. It provides distance and GPS accuracy alarms along with an alarm delay. The alarm is quite annoying and is the perfect thing to waken you at night if it detects anchor dragging to your specifications.

Anchor Alarm-  $4.99 This is another App for IPhone and Android that uses GPS to watch for anchor drag. My recommendation is to put one on your phone and one on your husbands and see which one works best for you.

INavx-   This is one of the most popular navigation apps.

Nautic Nomad-   An App for  marine charts and navigation. This a  chart plotter $19.99




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