Under Seat Storage Problems

We were in love with our boat from the moment we brought it home.  The problem came when we tried to move our stuff in.   I originally thought there was more than enough storage.  The problem was access.  When they designed the boat they put the storage out of sight,  but also under the seats and mattresses.  It didn’t seem like a bad idea until I tried to find something.  I needed to put it in the storage hole and know it stayed there.

I will give you links to where we purchased these items.  At the time we bought them this was the cheapest place.  Check out I-boat, West Marine and other places for sales before you purchase.

Hide and Seek

Originally,  you would  move the cushion and there  was your storage.  Problem, you put it in that mysterious hole and you never find it again.  The  seat compartment is an open area.  So when you put something in the hole it can end up way at the other end  in a big pile.   The storage went from one end of the boat to the other.   You also have to remove the seat cushion  to get to the storage.  This drove me crazy.  I want things exactly where I put them.   It is like living with Casper the ghost.  I put it in the far locker and then had to guess where Casper moved it to.

My Idea

Sometimes my ideas really hurt Dave’s brain.  I wanted doors on the front of the seats.  We started looking at doors and designs.  I wanted something that would allow more air flow in the lockers.  So, we started looking for louvered teak  doors.

Under the Sink

Amazon had the perfect door for the area under the sink.  The door was originally a black plastic material.  We took that out and installed this door and frame.

 Our door under the sink. This door comes complete with frame.  This is where we keep all our tools.

Door under the sink.

Garbage Mess

I have major issues with garbage.  I do not want to go into the cabin after a nice day of sailing to find the garbage everywhere.   After about a month of this, I announced  we had to do something about garbage control.  We either had to find a way to contain it or not have any.

Dave decided that it was a shame we had all this space by the control panel.  So he put in a teak door.  Behind it is a metal frame that we alligator clip the garbage bag too.  When it is full we can take out the tool box that is located behind the sink door, and remove the garbage.

We couldn’t find doors the size we needed so we got creative.  We purchased teak vents.  Then Dave used strips of teak to build a frame.  This is what we used for all the door in the front of the seats.


For knobs we used.

We also have a door in the head that goes to a garbage right next to this one.  We can access and empty both from the door under the sink.

For knobs we used these.

Under The Seat Storage

The storage under the seats was impossible to work with.  We decided to put storage doors in front.  You can see two of the three on this side of the boat.  There are also two on the other side.

Storage for  Hardware

Dave used channel iron and Altoid mint containers to store away all his pins, clips, and screws.  These are behind the first door. This space was totally unusable before we installed this door.  You couldn’t even get to it.

Above this rack is the storage area I use for food.  It was supposed to be a cooler.  It works better for dry food. We use an Orca cooler under our table for cold food.

But We Needed It Separated

We needed to be able to separate the other space under the seats.  So, behind the other doors we have glued in pull out drawers. I bought these drawer units at Wal-Mart.  We sectioned it off using one inch styrene and then covered that with the plastic sheeting you put on the wall behind a tub. This way other things we put in the top storage area wouldn’t get wedged between.  This added floatation and made a great wall.

We still wanted to be able to use the space on top these drawers.  We had a bunch of space we could use under the seat doors.  So we built that in by putting the styrene on top the drawer containers.  You can see how that looks before we installed the drawers.  This picture shows how you can put down that rubber shelf liner to keep things from slipping around.

Under the Beds

The storage space under the beds was wide open.  I put a can of butane fuel in one section and never found it again.  The styrene and plastic worked so well we decided to use it to section off the storage spaces under the beds.  This gave us quite a bit of useable space for things we don’t need very often.  You wouldn’t want to put things you use every trip under there. It is too hard to lift up the mattress.

Out of the Way Storage

I wanted a place to keep the charts and the battens for the main sail. Here is  the 1″ PVC pipe for the battens and a two inch PVS pipe on the other side holds the charts. Our rain gear is in the net.



The Stairs

My favorite storage place in the whole boat is the stairs.  The original stairs were ugly and unsafe.  They were very narrow and steep.

The cabin looking into the main berth.

Dave designed these to be safer and also provide storage.   I keep all my manuals and a few safety items in the top stair storage area.

You can see how easy it is to give your boat your personality.  That is one thing I love about the Macgregor.  Seabreeze is becoming an extension of us.

Coming soon the new companionway door and screen door.  Here is a sneak  peek.