Seasick Prevention on Your Wrist

I wouldn’t venture so far as to say I have never been really seasick while onboard.  If I don’t get up and go on deck first thing in the morning,  I  do get nauseous.  But this has been easy enough to control.  I  just make sure to get outside and look around as soon as I wake up.

The Reliefband is FDA cleared for nausea and vomiting associated with motion and morning sickness. The big plus is that unlike drugs, you don’t turn it on until you are feeling sick. Pills have to be taken prior to feeling ill.


How Was i Going To Review This Band?

When I first talked to Good Old Boat about doing a review of the Reliefband, I had my doubts.  I was also not sure how I could test it since I am not prone to getting seasick.

Watching a movie while down below will usually make me run for topside.  After watching an entire movie in rough water, I wasn’t so much as queasy.  The movie wasn’t bad either.

Still Not Convinced

Reading in the car for 3 hours has never been possible before. Even when I look up every few minutes, I still get motion sickness.  I can usually read about a half hour then need to stop.  We were going shopping a few hours from home.  If I could read on my Kindle the entire trip…then this thing works.  Guess what, I read for 2 hours there and 2 hours back home.  Not a bit queasy, although I did get tired.  This was not a concern, since I fall asleep reading in my living room.

Before I Give It The Thumbs Up

As I said early on, I don’t get really sick.  So I decided to put it to the ultimate tests.  First, I borrowed it to a friend that was sailing with us.  She always gets sick and has a hard time keeping down her breakfast.  I had her apply the gel and put the band on.  I told her not to turn it on until she felt sick.  My test was to see if it would work after someone was ill.  After about 5 minutes she turned it on.  She felt 100% better and turned it off after about an hour.  There was no need to turn it back on for hours.  According to my tester, she said it was her best day out on the water ever.

Now I wanted to do the ultimate test.  If it worked for a  pregnant friend then I could give it the two thumbs up.  Then I could be sure it did exactly what they claimed.  So, I  had her test  it for a week. When she felt sick she put it on and it worked like magic.  As a matter of fact, I had a hard time getting the band back from her.

If motion sickness is a problem you have to live with, give this band a try.  If you are out sailing by me you can borrow it to try.

Happy Sick Free Sailing.

These reviews are not paid for in any way.  Our opinions are not for sale.  If we don’t like something we will tell you why.