Sailing Clubs- by state

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Gulfstream Sailing Club

Fort Lauderdale, FL. The GULFSTREAM SAILING CLUB, founded in 1957, is one of Broward County’s oldest sailing clubs. The Sailing Club is run by its members who are volunteers and are committed to preserving fun, safety and affordability in Fort Lauderdale yachting.We are an active club, holding and participating in many activities and events, including:

* Races on the ocean and at the lake in Hollywood throughout the year
* Our annual Beach Bash each August
* Our annual Gulfstream Sailing Club Regatta, which began in 1991, continues to this day with multiple sailing clubs participating each year
*Sailing lessons for Adults and Children at Sailors Point.




Rockford Yacht Club  Rockford Yacht Club is the club we called to find an instructor.   The location was a little to far from our home.

Taken at the distance race on Clinton Lake 2016



Clinton Lake Sailing Association

We belong to CLSA located  in Clinton Illinois on beautiful Clinton Lake, on the cooling lake for the Clinton Nuclear plant.  Because the water entering the lake  is  140 degrees, the water remains warm far into to fall months.  Members of the club can use the  facilities.  Important things such as restrooms, a pavilion, and docks to launch from.  You can anchor out  overnight in one of the many coves.

The wildlife around the lake is amazing.  Blue Herons may be surrounding your boat when you wake up in addition to the eagles hovering above your sailboat.

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