Pots and Pans: How to Store Them All

In a sailboat you have very limited space for dishes and pans.  We solved the dish problem when we built the dish cabinet.  Now, we needed to  figure out what to do with all the cooking utensils.

Space on a sailboat is at a premium.   I wasn’t about to decide between clothing and pans.  We would have starved to death.  There had to be something  that would take up less space.   I found the Magma nesting pans.

This is 7 pieces all stored inside one pan.  One  handle fits all the pans. The Magma pan set comes in a 7 piece or 10 piece set.  I ordered the 7  piece set.  For the sailboat,  I felt the 10 piece set would be overkill.

They even sell a  carrying case to store it all in.  There is enough room to store your pan set, handle and few utensils.

Easy to Store Easy to Clean

Not only do these pans store inside each other and take up very little space, they are very well made.  They are ceramic coated for easy clean up.  This means you will not be able to use metal utensils.  On the upside,  you won’t be spending so much time scrubbing them either.

The pans are made of stainless steel.  They are heavy enough to heat up fast and keep the heat. If you also use the Wonderbag these pans will be a wonderful addition.

The Magma Nesting Pots are worth every penny.  And now I can have clothes and food.