Our Article in Good Old Boat Magazine

Good Old Boat 2019 January Edition

About a year ago, I submitted an article to “Good Old Boat” magazine. The article was published in the January edition. The article describes our first two years of working to make Seabreeze our own.

What Is New?

Since the article was submitted, we have been very busy working on and sailing Seabreeze. The following, is just a few of the blogs we will be posting this winter. Carol is planning to do a blog once a month with “how to” directions and photos.

Upcoming Posts!

Things we have completed and will be blogging about include:

  1. Remodeling the head was a priority. We replacing the pressed wood with white birch and a new storage cabinet.
  2. Mahogany was used to trim the top deck.
  3. Building new glass and screen doors for the cockpit.
  4. The back locker was a mess of unused space. Organizational compartments and a self draining cooler were added to make it more functional.
  5. Other things we have added to make Seabreeze easier to live on.

Projects in the Planning

A few of our current projects include:

  1. Making a new tiller with a curve to prevent it from hitting our knees.
  2. Designing a new dagger board with an easy lift system.
  3. Customizing a new rudder with an easy lift system.

Watch for these and many other new articles, as we continue to customize and enjoy Sailing on Seabreeze.