Ouch!!! Knees in the Bathroom Door

I noticed on most sailboats that the bathroom door opens the wrong way.  Originally, our door opened with the hinges on the left side when you are facing the door.  The door opened up against the front berth.

Knees In Chest?  Not So Comfortable

I am only 5’2″ so most bathrooms are fine for me.  I have plenty of knee room.  I can even dress in the bathroom.  Dave  on the other hand, not so much.  His 5’10” legs hit the old door.  

Our bathroom door was getting a little rough.  It was buckling at the top from moisture and splitting.   We decided we would replace it at the same time we installed the new dish cabinet.  Dave wanted to cover the dagger board housing with nice white birch as well.  Originally the housing was covered with a sort of carpet type material.

Bathroom door closed.

My Idea Of A Bathroom Door

To make what I had in mind, Dave had to build a whole new door frame out of mahogany.  We used the same 1/2 inch white birch plywood and stains as the dish cabinet.    At first we were going to use the old door as a pattern.  Then I got the idea that if we opened the door with the hinges on the right we could hook it open when not in use.  The door hooks to the trim that covers the dagger board housing.  We also thought it would be great to be able to leave it open while changing. The new door makes a great dressing barrier.    So,  Dave made it to just barely clear the cushions on the seat.  Now I have a dressing room to change in.

Bathroom door open for changing.