Never Enough Space

Everyone admits that no matter how much storage space they have, they will  fill it.  This was so true for us.  Our first home was a 3 story farm house.  You guessed it, we filled it, the garage and the barn.

Finding Space

When deciding to live on a sailboat, you need to step back and take a look at what space you have to work with.  You are right, it isn’t much.  It is time to decided what you can live without, then get rid of it.  What you can purchase that will serve more than one purpose.  Also, what you can get that will take up less space, things like collapsible strainers.

Kitchen Equipment

We replaced bulky pots and pans with a set of Magma nesting pots.  Magma offers either a 7 piece or a 10 piece set.   For easier cleanup, I purchased the ceramic  7 piece set.  If you love stainless steel, they have a set for you too.  A padded storage bag makes it easy to keep them all together and prevents scratches.


A 3 quart Instant Pot  will serve as our pressure cooker and crockpot.  The Instant Pot is a rice cooker, yogurt maker, crockpot, steamer, and pressure cooker. This makes it easier to cook healthy meals while underway.  Unlike a regular pressure cooker, it can be plugged in then placed safely in the sink.  This will prevent it from sliding around.  Using a pressure cooker on the stove would require me to stay right next to it.  It would be too dangerous to just leave it on the stove while the boat was heeling. I want to eat dinner not scrub it off the walls.

The dishes and silverware are all safe in the dish cabinet.  It was decided that if a kitchen utensil did not collapse for easy storage or have more than one use, it would be replaced.  All our kitchen utensils now fit in a small plastic tote on the counter.

How and Where to Store it

In one of our earlier blogs, we showed you how we designed and built our sail hammock.  You can pull the hammock out for storing sails or you can push it up against the wall and use the whole bed.  Our grandkids can sleep on the bed with the hammock out.

To keep all the cooking gear in one place I purchased a heavy duty trunk organizer with carrying handles.

You can adjust the size of each compartment to fit your equipment. We store the Magma pan bag behind the trunk organizer,  under the sail hammock. Since the sails do not take up the whole hammock, I purchased a pull out storage bin to put the towels in.  Before the bin it was impossible to find a towel.  They always ended up stuffed to the back.   I could  air dry before I  got my hands on a towel.  






When asked most sailors will tell you they don’t wear clothes on their boat, especially once they get to the Bahamas.  I don’t know if they are lying or not?  But, that won’t be me.   To keep our clothes within reach I found a closet organizer with drawers that only cost about $20.00 at Wal-Mart.  It has hooks that go over our hammock rod.  I goes right in front of our equipment bags so I can slide it from side to side to access what I need behind it.

Our next blog will have information no how we turned our not so easy to access storage,  into a perfect storage area.   These doors were not there originally.  We will show you how we built and installed them.