My Favorite Spotlight

When you are out sailing you need a spotlight that is strong and bright.  You will need it for overnight sails or just finding a place to anchor after dark.  If you are sailing after dark you may need to shine the spotlight on the sail to get another ships attention.  Sometimes, you just want to see what is next to the boat.

We have tried many different spotlights and none were as light and comfortable in the hand or as bright as this one. You do not want it to be uncomfortable in your hands or too heavy. You may have to hold it up signaling a freighter for hours.


There are many advantages of the Rayovac Virtually Indestructible  Spotlight.  As the description states, this is the light that’s always on.  It takes 6 AA batteries.  Because it is LED,  it lasts for at least 8 hours of constant use. I left it on overnight and it was still bright.

Reasons It is Best For Sailing

This spotlight is 670 lumens bright with a 440m beam distance.  You will be seen by other vessels.  It has an energy saver mode for when you don’t need it especially bright.  This mode is 80 lumens at 164m.  Using this mode the spotlight will run for 40hrs.  There is a lock on the handle so you can’t accidently turn it on and run the batteries down. The wrist strap will prevent you for dropping it overboard.

You are on a boat after all, so you want the spotlight to be waterproof.  Not only because of rain and waves,  but so you can take it below the waterline.  It can be submerged into 1 meter of water and will remain waterproof for up to 30 minutes so rain is no problem.

This light was even drop tested at 15 feet and still survived.

These reviews are not paid for in any way. Our opinions are not for sale. If we don’t like something we will tell you why.


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    1. Ruth, it was perfect down at Lake Clinton. We used it after the bonfire to cross the lake. We love to stay over in the cove across from the club. It is so quiet and has less fisherman to wake us up.

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