Meet Seabreeze

Seabreeze is a 1990 MacGregor 26D sailboat that we are renovating.  The “D” means she is a dagger board sailboat.  We bought her with the goals of outfitting it to be able to go out for at least a month at a time.  We were dreaming ahead to retirement.   With all our renovations this is now a reality.

What’s In A Sailboat Name?

The boat was originally name DER Boat.  It took me awhile to figure out that these were the initials of the previous owner.  I just couldn’t live with that name.  I came up with the name Seabreeze.  I designed the logo and ordered it from Boat Lettering to You .  It was really easy to put on and looks great.




The Boat Had Issues

Seabreeze had many issues.   Every time we sailed, we would get two inches of water in the compartments under the seats.   Locating the source of the leak  proved to be almost impossible.  Luckily, we eventually  found all of them.  Yes, there were many places where water was leaking in.

The cabin looking into the main berth.

Seabreeze’s interior was too plain and the bed was miserably uncomfortable, making it impossible to sleep.   Worst of all, it had no storage space.  Everything we took on the boat ended up flying around the cabin.


The previous owner had never hooked  the electric to a battery.  He had only day sailed on a small lake.  The electrical system was a mess from the mast lights to the 12 volt adapters in the cabin area.  The  light fixtures were yellow, cracked and worst of all, the wiring was rotten or missing.

In our blog we will be posting how we updated and renovated Sea breeze.   I am now comfortable living on her for weeks at a time.  You will notice, I don’t say “we” because Dave would have been  fine without the renovations.  Dave was just happy to be sailboat owner.

A glimpse into the interior of Sea breeze after our renovations.

I give you the DIY ideas and the links to websites where we purchased our supplies on every renovation page.

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  1. Wow, does this sound familiar. In 1985, my wife Marybeth and I bought a 1977 swing keel Clipper Marine sloop. It lay abandoned in Majestic Marine in Lake Geneva. There were three inches of water and leaves inside. We got it for $2000 and named it Too Grand. We brought it home in October and spent the the winter cleaning it up and fixing things. In the Spring Marybeth suggested we rename it TWO GRAND PER YEAR. We had spent so much at Boat/US and West Marine in Greenfield, Wisconsin that they offered me a job. The employee discount was tempting. We bought Bottom Sider cockpit cushions at Strictly Sail in Chicago instead of C Cushions. We tracked leaks, eventually replacing our rub rail. We replaced the wiring and hooked up a new battery. The Honda 9.9 HP outboard passed a thorough tune-up. We sailed out of McKinley Marina in Milwaukee for 15 years.

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