InstantPot Review

Everything on a sailboat needs to be small, compact and portable.  If possible you want it to serve more than one purpose.  This is where the InstantPot  comes in.

Quick Meals

Especially,  when we are docked and able to plug into the marina electric, an InstantPot is a great cooking choice.  It does not create as much heat as cooking on a stove.  It can’t boil over or splatter. You can cook a whole meal in 15 minutes.  You have one pot to wash.  Not to mention this little pot does more than pressure cook.  It is a crockpot, yogurt maker, rice cooker, and steamer.  If you use your boat’s electric for the Instantpot,  it only uses 700watts as a pressure cooker.   It perfectly fits the description of compact and serves more than one purpose.  You can join a facebook group on cooking with an Instantpot  or you can buy one of many cookbooks.

Clean Up

The internal pot is made of easy to clean stainless steel.  That makes clean up a breeze.  With a small  3 quart Instantpot  you can cook for two without having to deal with leftovers.  Remember refrigeration is limited on a boat.  You can’t have stacks of  leftovers.