DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Dave received a toy drone for Father’s Day.  It was great for learning how to fly but, you guessed it.  It got him hooked on flying photography.  Dave used his usual technique for talking me into getting a professional drone.   He started with how much the grandkids would love it.  Especially, our grand-daughter Millie who is fascinated with remote control helicopters.

Drones That Were In the Running

We started out looking at the DJI Phantom III and the new Phantom IV.  They had everything he wanted.  Problem was we wanted something we could take on the sailboat.  This means it needed to be compact and couldn’t come in a storage suitcase. The Phantoms weighed almost 4 lbs and comes in a large carrying case.    Enter the DJI Mavic Pro.  This little guy comes with a shoulder bag for storage and only weighs 1.6 lbs.

Shoulder bag containing everything needed to fly the drone.


What Sold Us On the Mavic Pro

The Mavic Pro is lightweight, compact and foldable.  It has a 4 K video camera with a battery life of 27 minutes.  It comes out of the case folded up.  You simply unfold it, attach your cell phone to the controller and fly off.

A few things make this drone perfect for life on a sailboat.

  • It is light and compact
  • Has many camera settings and features including time lapse video.
  • Can charge with hub (up to 4 at a time) via 110 or individual batteries charge by 12volt battery charger
  • It is very stable with precision hovering.
  • Collision avoidance means your drone will avoid crashes you don’t see.
  • Compared to other drones this little guy is extremely quiet.
  • Has a follow me feature
    • Will follow the sailboat shooting video and photos.
    • It is also perfect for shooting photo finishes of sailboat races.
  • A return home function
    •  It returns to you with the push of a button or when the battery is getting too low.

You can view the first videos Dave shot with the Mavic Pro and his video reviews.

What I Like About The Mavic Pro , You Tube Video

Dave describes the difference between the Mavic Pro packages.

Watch How Easy It Is To Set Up

These reviews are not paid for in any way. Our opinions are not for sale. If we don’t like something we will tell you why.  We purchased this drone for our own personal use not for review purposes.

First Videos Shot by Dave Using the Mavic Pro Drone.

Fort Jackson In Georgia- Video- Dave’s First

Tybee Island Georgia Lighthouse.  Shot the 2nd day with his drone.

This video was shot after dark because we could not fly a drone over the lighthouse during business hours.  It is a restricted no fly zone.  You can see how great it shoots even after dark.  My Nikon camera was having a hard time getting a reading with these conditions.

A lighthouse still shot taken with the drone after dark.


Watch the blog this summer for more videos taken from the sailboat and of our clubs sailboat races.