How We Became Sailboat People

My husband David and I have always loved the outdoors and water. We have been avid sea-kayakers and love snorkeling. We have owned motorboats in the past. Motorboats are fine but you soon tire of going up and down the river and filling it with gas. We had never been on sailboat when we decided one.

Sailing Was a Priority

My husband has wanted a sailboat for most of our 38 year marriage. Every time I thought he had forgotten about sailing, it would come up again. One night we were discussing retirement. Sailing came up as his top priority. As he usually does, he used the grandkids against me. His go to phrase, “The grandkids will love …(this time it was going out on a sailboat)”

We attended many sailboat shows over the years. Every time the prices turned us off. My husband delivers for a trucking company. On one of his runs he saw a Macgregor 26D for sale outside DeKalb Illinois. He told me he had stopped but the guy wasn’t home. I played it cool waiting for him to forget about it. A few weeks later he said he had stopped to see it and wanted to show it to me. He wasn’t letting it go this time.

The boat had never been used on large lakes. The owner had only day sailed on a small local lake. It needed cleaning and leaked water into the storage compartments. She needed love and attention. I had no idea how much I would grow to love her when I purchased her for his anniversary present.


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  1. You have done a great job improving interior liveability by implementing some really creative ideas. We owned a Mac 26D for 10 years and I completed a number of renovation/upgrade projects. If you contact me, I would be happy to share some of my experiences/recommendations.

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