Adding Carpet and Preventing Mold From Finding It

I spent weeks looking for the perfect throw rugs for our boat interior.  The problem was I liked them,  but  the love factor was not there.  I googled nautical theme rugs and nautical theme carpet.  There were some that I liked from Home Depot so I ordered them.   Again, I didn’t love them and I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of throw rugs that could shift around the boat.

Google To The Rescue 

I will be the first to admit I am a little creeped out when Google sends me ads based on what I was searching for.  It feels a little too much like someone stalking me.  This time however, I was thrilled to have google send me this ad .  When  I opened my browser and saw this carpet,  I was ready to send Google a thank-you note.   This carpet  was being sold by Bed Bath and Beyond.  A quick trip to Home Depot to return the other rugs was all it took for me to order this carpet.  I had spent $107.00 on throw rugs.   This is  a large rug and I paid $64.00 after applying a 20% off coupon and free shipping offer.

It is an indoor/outdoor carpet,  so it will not wear as fast and should be easier to clean.  It will also be better in a moist environment like a sailboat.

Perfect Rug… Too Big

I loved this carpet. See how it matches  my cushions perfectly.  The color is off in this picture.  The vinyl is white on the seats and the blue is the color of the picture above.  The lighting in my living room made it look yellow.

Seats and rugs match

More Rugs

Because the carpet was so large,  it was a 5x9ft carpet,  it wouldn’t fit in the space I was trying to cover.  We ended up cutting it and getting two identical carpets for the same area.  This means we have a spare for later.  We were also able to cut  a small piece for inside to put shoes on and a small rug outside the companionway door to keep dirt out.

The boat is dirty and dusty from the winter, please ignore the filth.   I wanted you to see how it fit in front of the companionway.  So,  we were able to get two of the interior rugs and two smaller area rugs out of this one carpet.  We found a local carpet shop that could bind the carpets while we waited.   It cost us $45.00 to get all four rugs bound.  They did a wonderful job binding them.

So, all things considered the four custom fit rugs cost us $113.00 after binding. The throw rugs were $107.00.  The throw rugs would not have stayed in place the way this rug will.

You can see how the rugs look when they are in the boat.  In these pictures they are not bound yet.  We were just checking the fit before we took them to the carpet shop.   It looks like they are not going up against the wall but there is actually a curve to the floor.  It goes right up against that curve.

We will be putting one of the large carpets away for a spare.  The other carpet will go in the boat and be able to be removed at any time.  Even if I just get sick of it.   Because the carpet is not glued or taped down, we will be able to remove it to shake or wash.  Since it is indoor/outdoor,  washing it should be a breeze.

Mold, Not On My Boat!

Before we put the carpet down, we will be  washing the floor with vinegar to kill any mold spores.  After the vinegar dries the smell goes away very quickly.  We will then be spraying the floor with Concrobium.  The aerosol spray works best.  Although, if you have a large area you can get it in a gallon jug.

It is important that you can get the Concrobium into all the tight spaces.  The Concrobium will prevent the mold from starting for 3 months.  Using this stuff has solved  all our mold problems.   I would not sleep on our sailboat without it.  We spray Concrobium under our mattress and seats to prevent mold due to condensation.  It is 100% non-toxic.


You can take any carpet and make it work in your boat.  It just takes a carpet knife and little planning.