Meet The Seabreeze Crew

We are the owners of a Macgregor 26D sailboat.  I guess that makes us the crew.

You probably already guessed I am Carol Severson.

This is my husband David Severson, the Captain of Seabreeze.


By day David is a delivery driver at Old Dominion Freight Line in Peru Illinois.   Carol works as an office assistant at Princeton Physical Therapy.

We are the grandparents of four boys and 2 girls all under the age of 6.  We are looking forward to teaching them to sail.  That way when we are too old to run back and forth to raise the sails,  they can do it for us.

Dave has always loved sailboats and dreamed of  owning one.  He would find any excuse to go down to a harbor and check out the sailboats.

We bought Sea Breeze and decided to sail into retirement.   Keep in mind as you read this blog that we purchased this sailboat without any knowledge of sailing or sailboats.  We had never even been on a sailboat until our first lesson with Allen.

This blog is about our journey and Sea Breeze’s renovation.    We want to share that knowledge  with you.  We want to save you from making the same mistakes we did.

It became obvious after a few short sailing trips that Carol  could not live in this chaos.  We started renovating Seabreeze to make it more comfortable, organized and home like.

Carol had to have storage space.  She needed not only to have her ducks in row but she needed  somewhere to put them. It was also important that they were able to stay where she put them.    We hope you will find our ideas and DIY instructions helpful when making your sailboat  home.

Our goal is to move to South Carolina or Georgia,  slowly retire and sail away.

Planned Blog Articles:

  • How To Go From Boat to Shore
  • How To Stock the Boat For Travel
  • If Going on Open Water (things you will want to have)
  • Re-designing Our Locker
  • How We Build the Storage Doors
  • Easy Storage Solutions
  • Checklist for Sailing
  • Our Motor Is Making a Greasy Mess (rebuilding it step by step)
  • Building our Table and Dish Cabinet
  • Fresh Water Needed (building in the water tanks)
  • Anchor Storage Made Easy
  • Entertainment on a Small Boat
  • Storing Your Clothes
  • Preventing Moisture and UCK Mold!
  • And More ……..from our adventures.


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  1. This is awesome! I work with Dave and he is a stand up guy! Much respect for him, as for yourself and Dave my passion is also boating but with powerboats, my dream is to build an offshore powerboat I can take to the lotto shootouts on lake havasu, I would love to follow and read all the literature you have made so far on journey.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Chuck Jensen

  2. Hey David and Carol – awesome blog. We purchased the exact same boat after wanting one for eight years. I love the first year we had in the water with her and look forward to many more.

    Look forward to the future blogs captains!

    Buzz and Denise!